Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday Drivers

Yup, back on the driving thing again.

Several times during the past few weeks I have gotten behind super slow drivers. I'm not talking about someone going the speed limit and me wanting to go faster than the speed limit. I'm talking about drivers who drive under the speed limit. In some cases, well under.

I'm not here to write about how much they drive me crazy and how much I wish they'd put the pedal to the metal.

Instead, these situations have made me think of something else: What must it be like to have a life where it is not necessary to drive fast?

My life has become a hectic mess. With three kids, a regular job, and a DJ business, I feel like I am constantly on the move. Time is precious to me and I want to get where I need to go FAST. So yes, I exceed the speed limit a bit when I can. If not, then I'm going the limit. No exceptions. I want to get where I am going as quickly as I can. Sure it's only a few minutes here and a few minutes there but those minutes are precious to me. Especially when you are trying to transport kids to skating lessons, Cub Scouts, piano lesson, school, friends' houses, etc., there is a schedule to be kept!

So I just can't help but wonder what it must feel like to not feel the urge to drive fast. To just drive and enjoy it. Take in the scenery. No rush at all. No slave to the clock. It must be truly wonderful. It also must be something that regular people like myself never get to experience.

Don't get mad at those elderly drivers slowing you down. Get jealous. They have no reason to go fast. They can take their time and enjoy their drive. Okay, I take it back, you can get mad. But also be jealous.

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