Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I was sent the following email from a friend.  He knows I am a Blue Jackets fan.  And he knows how superstitious I am.  Enjoy...

This email is not about hockey.

However, it is conceivable that I could have a friend who enjoys the game of hockey, or some other professional sport.  It is further conceivable that said friend might, possibly, cheer for a team -- hockey or otherwise -- that has not, in recent memory, enjoyed successful, winning seasons.  If such an alleged team were to go on a hypothetical winning streak of historical proportions, it could be incumbent upon me to voice my congratulations, support, and overall well-wishes to said friend and the alleged team supposedly cheered for by him (or her).  Of course, I would resist the temptation to voice such enthusiastic support for fear that my vocalization of the matter might jinx the supposed hypothetical "team" in question, thus inadvertently bringing to a premature end the aforementioned, albeit purely speculative, winning streak.  So I therefore offer to you no comment whatsoever, regarding any subject related to or not related to professional sports of any nature, and above all certainly not hockey.   

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