Friday, November 4, 2011

8 Reasons to Start York

Here are eight reasons the Blue Jackets should start Allen York in goal against the Flyers 11/5/11.

8. If a roster change is not imminent, might as well make some changes from within. A simple change like a goalie change might even give you a spark.  

7. Give the kid some experience.  He in the NHL as a prospect in your system.  Might as well get him some more experience, even if he isn't considered your long-term solution.  Who cares if it's an away game?  Who cares if it's in Philly?  What's the worst thing that could happen?  A loss?  Mason can get those too.  

6. The players seem to have lost confidence in Mason.  Every player on that bench, although they'd never say it, knows Mason lost that game against Toronto almost single-handedly.  It seems reasonable to think that the players might actually play a better game themselves without Mason as their netminder.  

5. Maybe you catch lightning in a bottle.  Nobody expected Mason to come in two years ago and become a Calder winner just like that.  Yet he did.  It's possible, however unlikely, York will find a groove and play well.  Toronto's third string goaltender did just that.  

4. Perhaps Mason could benefit from some time riding the pine.  It will allow him to rest, mentally and physically, and watch the game from a different perspective...the backup goaltender's.

3. If York loses the game for the Jackets, that's just one step closer to a top 2 draft pick.

2. Mason needs to be punished for his performance against Toronto.  Why reward him with another start?  Does Arniel want him to "bounce back?"  If he hasn't bounced back after two years, he's not going to bounce back now.  Like any player, he needs to be held accountable for bad play.  Let him sit.  

1. The season is all but over.  Could it really do more harm than good?

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